Ninja Certification

At Diane Turton, Realtors, we subscribe to a real estate sales system called Ninja Selling which is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer's needs and helping them achieve their goals.  

To become Ninja certified our Management Team and Agents attend a rigorous four day certification program on the principles of Ninja Selling. Once completed, all certified agents participate in weekly Ninja Mastery Classes with their managers focused on ensuring that the Diane Turton, Realtors team continues to provide unparalleled service and support to their clients. 

The following are the Diane Turton, Realtors Certified Graduates of the Ninja Selling Installation course:

 Linda Appolonia  Carmine DeRosa  Sauling Lee  Jane Ruocco
 Patricia Bailey  James Dettlinger  Kathleen Leo  Patricia Russen   
 Sharon Batteau  Colleen Dingley  Laurie Londoner  Diane Santos  
 Perry Beneduce  Deborah Dingley  Donald Mayer  Linda Sardoni  
 Giovanna Beyer  Laurie Enoch  Patricia Mayer  Patricia Sharin  
 Dale Bisgrove  Joan George  Lynn Mackin McCabe  Lorraine Stagliano  
 Joanne Botwinick  Meredith Giaccio  Robert Mark McDonald  Candace Stefflre  
 Terry Breininger  Gloria Greene  Judith McGowan  Karen Swanson  
 Erin Brower  Terri Harms  Lynn McGuire  David Turton  
 Barbara Brown  Thomas R Hart  Alice McManus  Diane Turton  
 Margaret Buccino  Maria Hayes  Robert Moise  Jason Turton  
 Chris Carbonaro  Audrey Ingalls  Barbara Montone  Joanne VanOostendorp  
 Susan Careatti  Donna Jungsberger  Walter Niebling  Kim Veneziano  
 Gloria Carpinello  Lainey Keane  Edwin O'Malley  Jillian Venneman  
 Margaret Cashour  Candace Ann Kennedy  Gail O'Reilly  Scott Wayman  
 Deborah Chapter  Jeanne Keyasko  Rebecca Pascoe  Beth A Wight  
 Francine Chussler  Elizabeth King  Tina Pollhemus  Catherine Yachnik  
 Marilyn Ciccolini  Kathryn E Lachowicz  Kathleen Powell  Jane Yu  
 Jane Cranga  Denise Bousanti Laswell  Vincent Rhoades  
 Kelly Cutillo  Barbara Layton  Maryanne Roberto