Scott Wayman Sales Associate

Scott has resided in Surf City since 1982 after graduating from Rider College with a B.S. in Marketing. It was during the eighties he helped built and managed the "Neighborhood Doctor Centers" with his father B.Ralph Wayman M.D. out of the Ship Bottom and Forked River offices. In the nineties Scott took his marketing and administrative skills on the road working with Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer and G.E. Scott took the most pride though when he opened Embracing Hospice Care as the Regional/Marketing Director. Scott has a compassionate and consultative approach which he brings with him from his healthcare experience. In 2000 Scott joined the world of Realtors on Long Beach Island and joined Diane Turton Realtors in 2004 leaving behind his road warrior days to be closer to his family. Scott lives by the 5 core values of Diane Turton, trust, communication, service, knowledge, and courtesy.

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