Christine Casnova Sales Associate

Twenty-five years ago on the urging of my family, I became a licensed realtor. Sometimes I look back and it is difficult for me to imagine that I am still in the same profession.

The Real Estate Market has seen many changes. The market has gone up and down. I remained true to my profession and have continued to keep myself educated on the ever-changing markets and situations. Short sales, foreclosures were all new to me and at first I said that I would never venture into those markets. Buyers and sellers came along and they relied on me to help them. I have represented both buyer and seller.

When I was first licensed I had many first-time homebuyers. I still love that market. There is so much happiness associated with these sales. I have remained in close touch with many of my clients. They also needed my services when they moved up to a bigger home.

Diane Turton had offices all up and down the beautiful Jersey Shore. This has given me the opportunity to help many find the perfect shore property or vacation home.<

So now, I am living in a great adult community in Toms River and I am happy to say that I have done it all in Real Estate. I currently consider myself so truly blessed that I can assist the Baby Boomers (as myself and husband are) find their perfect retirement home. There is much to know in the adult communities. Proudly, I can say that clients can rely on me to give them the full information they need to help them decide which one they should consider in Ocean County. Much to know: HOA fees, taxes, locations, by-laws, and co-op versus fee simple.

So looking back I feel that I have a full and satisfying real estate career that keeps growing and growing. I have partnered with Zillow/Trulia and embraced that market, which can be challenging. Educating my clients on Zillow/Trulia is a must. Once they have my trust, there isn’t a need for them to search out properties on these sites.<

What makes a great Realtor: The obvious is honesty. Knowledge of the markets they specialize in. Empathy, and I mean real empathy. We have to truly feel the anxieties that come with buying and selling a home. We have to provide guidance every step of the way. All questions are not to be taken lightly. For me, high energy is also extremely important. There can be long days and nights. Sometimes I am still working my deals late into the night and I start early in the morning. Technology has made this possible.<

I may have 7 or 8 transactions going at the same time, but I pride myself on the ability to keep everyone in the loop and keep balance between my clients.

I love real estate and it shows. Please read my reviews on Zillow.

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